Over the last 40 years, Taqramiut Nipingat Inc. has had its share of ups and downs, but remains today an important organization in Nunavik.  Serving the Inuit population through radio and television, we are the only society in Canada broadcasting 100% in an aboriginal language, a fact we are proud of.
In the early 1970s there was no access to communication tools for the Inuit of Northern Quebec (now known as Nunavik).  This was a challenge that many faced and the reason for Taqramiut Nipingat’s current existence.
In this report, you will read about the history of TNI, the challenges, the financial situation and what the future holds.

Who is TNI?

Taqramiut Nipingat Inc. (TNI) was originally incorporated as a non-profit organization under Part II of the Canada Business Corporations Act in September 1975. On September 25, 2014, we obtained our Certificate of continuance and made the transition to the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act. We celebrated our 40th anniversary in 2015.

We operate our own regional radio network since 2006. We broadcast in Nunavik’s 14 communities, at one mining site and through live streaming on our website, www.tni-rtn.com. We broadcast 12 hours per day, 5 days per week for a total of 60 hours per week. We presently produce 4 hours of new content per day (down from 5 hours a day in 2016-17) and we cover many special regional events. All our radio programming is in the Inuktitut language. We broadcast close to 3,000 hours per year.

We also operate a community television network (NCTv), where we broadcast video programs, all in the Inuktitut language. NCTv is available in Nunavik’s 14 communities. In 2014-2015, we broadcasted 13 hours of new programming and 1200 hours of vintage programming all in the Inuktitut language. We also broadcast a series of 6 episodes on the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) in Inuktitut with English subtitles every year.  And in 2018-2019 we will be producing a new series of 13 – 30 minute episodes entitled: “Adventures on Inuit land”.

Each of the Nunavik communities operates a local FM station. Although most are under the responsibility of their respective Northern Villages, we provide them with technical assistance.

Mission Statement

To promote, by communications means, the culture and the image of Inuit, by Inuit, to the Inuit and to the national and international scenes.


Our mandate is to provide Communications services to the Inuit of Northern Quebec, to strengthen language and to promote traditional and contemporary Culture


Adopted by the Board of Directors on December 17, 2013

  • To develop and promote comprehensive communications programs that are of relevance to the Inuit of Northern Quebec and to develop and encourage such programs in co-operation with all branches of the multimedia industry;
  • To encourage and promote the development of Inuit language and culture programs to foster cultural activities of the Inuit;
  • To promote by communication, the image of Inuit in the national scene and to create incentives for development of mutual understanding;
  • To involve and to train the Inuit youth as communication workers for the Corporation;
  • To communicate with and to broaden social interaction among other native groups from various parts of North America;
  • To procure and deliver information on subjects relating to cultural, social, educational, political and economic issues facing the Inuit people of Quebec;
  • To advance the education of the Inuit of Northern Quebec by providing informative programs in Inuktitut;
  • To address and prevent problems faced by Inuit youth and Inuit families by reducing the isolation by way of multimedia communication;
  • To do all such other things as are incidental and ancillary to the attainment of the purposes and the exercise of the powers of the Corporation.